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How it Works

Review a Guru or Firm

Submit a public or anonymous review of "Guru" professional and help other entrepreneurs learn from your experience.

What makes a good review?

GuruSnaps allows users to submit helpful facts, updates and reviews, and to rank investment professionals according to unique performance metrics we think help guide and connect entrepreneurs with the right “Guru.” We’re trying to create a positive, informative and applicable knowledge base of user-submitted content, and we take quality of reviews very seriously. To that effect, below are some general guidelines for submitting reviews.

The Do’s

  • Do feel free to submit helpful reviews of professional "gurus" or even facts & updates related to investment activity or deal transactions.
  • Do elaborate on the key metrics we’ve defined for rating your investment professional (availability, communication, quality of guidance, bedside manner and cost or deal terms). We think these metrics are highly relevant to the financial services industry, and provide clear guidance for a great review.
  • Do keep your fellow entrepreneurs in mind while writing your review. Is what you’re discussing helpful for other entrepreneurs such as yourself? Will the information you provide allow kindred spirits to learn from your experience? That’s what we’re after. That’s what we encourage.
  • Do give props where props are due. GuruSnaps isn’t just about weeding out bad-actors in the financial service industry, it’s about providing exposure for the rock-star professionals who deserve it. This site provides a platform not just for entrepreneurs, but for finance professionals who may not have the sales and marketing budgets of larger, well-capitalized institutions. Small, independent shops use GuruSnaps to compete with larger firms, and a good review goes a very long way to help build their growing business and reputation.

The Dont’s

  • Don’t hate. GuruSnaps has a zero-tolerance for online harassment: Be creative, be edgy, just don’t be evil. Spiteful comments with no relevant value to the GuruSnaps community will not be approved for public posting, will be reported where appropriate and user privileges will be revoked.
  • Conflicts of Interest: Don’t write bad reviews about your competitors if you’re a Guru or competing vendor. If you’re a founder or employee of a company funded by the Guru you’re reviewing, state that clearly in your review. If you’re a vendor, partner or in any way associated with the Guru you’re reviewing, disclose that to the community.
  • Privacy: Do unto others. Don’t attempt to post any private information you wouldn’t want the world to have about you. GurSnaps has a zero-tolerance for online harassment.
  • Intellectual Property: Do not steal content from other competing or complementary sites or publications. Your review should be your own, and based on your personal experience with the Guru being reviewed.


The team at GuruSnaps is trying to create and promote an encouraging environment in which users feel comfortable submitting and sharing helpful reviews with each other. To that effect we make a concerted effort to respect and maintain privacy. For complete information on our privacy guidelines please review our privacy policy in its entirety: Our Privacy Policy

Verifying Credibility

  • In an effort to promote a positive, useful knowledge base of community-submitted ratings and reviews, we verify user identities through the social media profile of their choice. When submitting a review, users are once again asked to confirm their identity, and their relation to the Guru being reviewed.
  • Suspicious reviews will be subjected to further verification by the user. If your review is flagged, we will request proof of communication or interaction with the Guru you are attempting to review. Proof of contact with a Guru can be in the form of an invoice, scanned communication, forwarded email chain between yourself and the Guru, a cell phone statement with proof of phone call, -anything that clearly shows you have communicated with the Guru.

Our Mission

We seek to create a positive, collaborative and helpful community of entrepreneurs and investment professionals. GuruSnaps is built on 3 main pillars:

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